Our First day travelling

Garek's Log

Our first day traveling…was…eventful. I am beginning to suspect that the kobolds may have spies inside of Winterhaven working for them. After only a few hours on the road, the first ambush hit us. Balasar and myself were in the forefront, discussing possible locations of the Orcus Cults when a sizzling green globe shot out from the bushes and slammed into my chest. I could hear the acid sizzling away at my skin, as the pain wracked my entire body. Our rangers were the first to react. Keyleth, spotting the kobold magic user, shot and wounded the beast, drawing its ire away from me. Morgrith stepped forward and attacked the advancing kobolds. Balasar and myself were quickly surrounded by the scaled midgets, while Keyleth, Nid, and Hujo fought the wyrmpriest from a distance. This entire battle was one mistake after another. Summoning forth the power of my Queen, I attempted to smite one of the kobolds and send my healing energy into Balasar. This, of course, missed completely and drained me of my power. Keyleth attempted many impressive looking shots at the wyrmpriest, the majority of which missed. Balasar stood toe to toe with the group of kobolds, the only one in the party managing to be somewhat successful. After a long and drawn out fight, the trio fighting the caster managed to kill the beast, but only after he let out his own battle cry, invigorating his minions. With its last breath, the kobold managed to unleash an acidic wave, melting one of its own in the process. Shortly after Keyleth succumbed to her wounds and fell unconscious, followed quickly by the paladin. The rest of us finished off the minions, and revived our companions. There were a few complaints about a lack of divine healing, but the Queen’s demand for kobold souls was too high, and I couldn’t resist bringing my hammer to bear upon their heads.

While searching the remains of our attackers we found a talisman of Orcus upon the corpse of the Wyrmpriest. I looked at Balasar, talisman in hand, and gave him a determined nod. We were on the right trail.

After recovering from that ambush, we continued on our way to the kobold lair. When we arrived outside the cave behind the waterfall, we took caution and checked for enemies about. Our rangers detected nothing ahead so we continued on…of course…we didn’t know that our rangers were apparently not paying attention. Out from the trees the kobolds charged at us. Thinking quickly Balasar sent his fiery breath into the copse of trees to the east, sending several kobolds to their death. Keyleth, who was far to the west of our group, saw another kobold sneaking in from that direction. She fought as a woman posessed, taking down kobold after kobold with her bow. I honestly don’t think she missed the entire fight. Nid and Hujo went west to assist Keyleth, but that was largely unneeded. Nid ended up being hit with a sticky substance that bound her in place, while the other kobolds advanced. Luckily Keyleth quickly dropped these foes. Balasar and myself made it through the copse of tree to the other side to engage a kobold commander. Since it was standing within a circle of power, the commanders prowess was increased, allowing him to hold off against our onslaught. Morgrith moved into the trees allowing the smaller kobolds to surround him. He then unleashed a furious assault, in which his blades seemed to dance around him and lash at his foes. Unfortunately he only hit one of the surrounded kobolds, but the attack at least looked impressive. Once again I attempted to put the rejuvenating power of my queen into my attack…and once again…I missed. Keyleth finally had to step in during our fight with the commander, as she took him down while we had him surrounded. Nid…in an attempt to assist us…shot me…in the back…which led me to fall unconscious.

My guess is that they finished off the last kobold, since he was dead when I woke up. The slinger that had fought against us made it inside the cave to warn the others of our arrival. So now here we are, waiting outside a cave that contains an unknown amount of kobolds all aware of our location. In a few minutes we will make our way into the lair. One way or another, the upcoming battle will be epic. May the Raven Queen bless us, and accept the souls at we send her on this day.


I had a weird feeling that something was going to go wrong from the beginning of this trip and when we were ambushed I really wasn’t surprised. Once the battle began I almost immediately felt like I was being attacked from all sides. When I looked to our cleric for some help with healing my wounds he seemed unconcerned, and it felt like he was simply watching me fall closer and closer to my death. On this day my mind had been preoccupied with the past, which was having a clear effect on the accuracy of my arrows. Once the battle was finally over I decided I couldn’t dwell on the past anymore and I needed to start focusing on what was happening at the present time.

Our First day travelling

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