Garek's Log #3

Epic Fail

We reached the keep later that night. Hujo and Nid never made it to the rendezvous point, but given the time frame we were under, we were forced to move forward without them. Outside the entrance to the keep was a dwarven head mounted on a pole…a warning to future invaders. Unphased, we ventured into the keep. At the foot of the stairs, we spied our first combatant, a crossbow wielding goblin that was ready for our entrance. Its first shot went wide, and Balasar began his charge. Halfway to the goblin, a shattering sound echoed through the room, and Balasar disappeared in a cloud of dust. Keyleth took a shot at the goblin, and I moved in to assist my falling ally. At the bottom of a ten foot deep pit lay Balasar, covered in a swarm of starving rats. I lowered a rope to the paladin, as more goblins entered the combat. Mithrogg came to our aid, trying to help me hoist Balasar out of the hole. After several attempts, Keyleth also moved to help us, and we were finally able to pull our plated pal out of the pit. After a very long and difficult combat, we decided to head back to town to recover from our disastrous combat and maybe locate our missing friends. What we found would have chilled the nerves of the raven queen herself.



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