Garek's Log #2

It has been awhile since I’ve had the time to sit and write more on our adventure. A lot has happened in the past few days. We entered the Kobold lair after our disastrous battle at the cave entrance. A few inspiring words from our stalwart paladin gave us the resolve we so desperately needed to carry on. The team fought like true heroes that day, sending the kobolds to meet my queen. After pushing the initial swarm back deeper into their caves, we heard a loud rumbling. Balasar and myself were chasing down a runaway kobold when Iron Tooth made this appearance. With a snarl of rage Balasar charged the leader with his sword raised high. The blow was a solid one, yet the goblin was unphased by the attack. Its retaliation was devastating. Faster than Balasar could react, Iron Tooth took four mighty swings, knocking Balasar to the ground unconscious. I charged a group of the monsters that was led by a kobold sorceror. After connecting with a blow on the mystic, I sent a wave of healing energy, that called Balasar back to this realm to rise up to his fate. Mithrogg took a flanking position behind Iron tooth and unleashed an attack that cut deeply into the beast, causing it to fly into a rage. Keyleth, Nid, and Hujo sent a volley of spells and arrows into him, as Balasar brought his sword to bear and layed the beast low. I cut off the remaining Kobolds route to our ranged attackers, and finished off the sorceror. With his dying breath, Iron tooth made a prayer to Orcus and some person named Kalarel. We also found a note from Kalarel, finally revealing our true target, and knowledge that he was just days away from opening a rift to the Shadowfell and unleashing a horde of undead upon the world.

We returned to town to find it under martial law. No longer were people running about the streets during the day, and a pall of gloom hung in the air. We gave the good news to the Lord and learned of the ruined keep near the town. With the confirmation that we were indeed facing a cult of Orcus, we figured the keep had to be their location



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