Day 1(Technically 2)

Garek's Log

After arriving in Winterhaven, I met up with a group of individuals with the same goal in mind (basically). Keyleth and Balasar had arrived together, and had just recently been abandoned by their third member. Balasar seems to on a mission very similar to mine, locating and evidence of a cult of Orcus and destroying the cult if it is found. Being a paladin of Pelor…and a dragonborn…has left him a bit lacking in the diplomacy category. He seems more interested in using his intimidating presence rather than his words. Something any normal dwarf would admire…then again a normal dwarf wouldn’t worship my Queen. Keyleth is a very quiet elven ranger. At first I thought she may have just been timid, but now I think she may be hiding something. Either way her past is her past, I have no need to know anything about it for the time being.

The other three we met while in the tavern looking for more information about the cults. Nid and Hujo are two finger wagglers, but I think Nid has a darker connection for her magic. The other is yet another elven ranger, but this one seems to favor his swords over a bow. I think his name is Morgrith, he didn’t really offer his name when we first decided to work together on this case, quite an odd chummer.

The first night with this group, and we’ve already put the town into an uproar. While trying to gather information from the locals, the lord of Winterhaven made his way into the tavern. At first he was reluctant to talk of the Kobold issue that has been plaguing the town, so we decided to press the issue…that’s when things went crazy.

Going against his nature, Balasar attempted to reason with the Lord to get him to discuss the issue now…which resulted in Balasar inadvertently dumping his beer all over him. Luckily, I swept in right after with a new beer in hand and a fast apology for my companion’s clumsiness. Things were starting to turn around with the Lord, so Nid stepped in…and lied. Not just a small lie…Nid told him that she saw Kobolds inside the city walls just moments ago. Hearing this news the Lord became concerned, apparently wanting to know when and where she saw the kobolds. Trying to get out of this as quickly as possible, Hujo sent a ghost sound right outside the tavern…a kobold ghost sound. Suddenly the Lord’s concern turned into terror for his people. We agreed to help his guards escort people back to their houses and then returned to the tavern where he told us where he thought the kobold lair was.

So now we have the information we need, albeit gathered in a rather unorthodox fashion. I just hope our excursion out into the wilds tomorrow follows a more expected path. May the Raven Queen bless us, and take the foes we send to her.



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