The Splug Diary

Todays Splug become free! Todays I eats! I meets others todays! They free Splug! Do I trusts them? Or theys just using Splug? Seems they care not if Splug dies, for I’ves fallen many times… I needs more strength, more food! They not think I can write. Stupids!!! I’ll show them how smarts I am!

Todays I killed those stupids! Those stupids that lock me up for years! Todays I hold a mace and beats them down! All I have train for!

And nows does I trusts these others? Will they helps Splug when I am in need? One of them does NOT! It is the SHE! THE ELF! Won’t let Splug carry shinys! FOOL!

The lizard though. Me thinks I can trusts him… The dwarf, if he knews what I does to his kind before… before they all dies… NEVER TRUSTS DWARVES!!! Then the other elf, he seems quiet, too quiets! Splug got a feelings he don’ts like me…

I finds treasure todays! Lots o shinys! Theys toss Splug across waters and tries to kill me. I don’ts sleep tonight. I watch these others…


I did not know that you harbored such suspicion. I thought you would understand that even though we agreed to toss you over to the island, we in no way meant to cause you harm. In fact, I seem to remember being one of the first to attack the fell slime that appeared. Believe me, new friend, I think you are a valuable addition to the team, but I know that you have been through a lot of pain and torment at the hands of those vile creatures, and I only want you to have the space you need to heal. I do extend my thanks for your help, and I do hope that you find joining us a boon to your life experience.


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