Garek's Log #3
Epic Fail

We reached the keep later that night. Hujo and Nid never made it to the rendezvous point, but given the time frame we were under, we were forced to move forward without them. Outside the entrance to the keep was a dwarven head mounted on a pole…a warning to future invaders. Unphased, we ventured into the keep. At the foot of the stairs, we spied our first combatant, a crossbow wielding goblin that was ready for our entrance. Its first shot went wide, and Balasar began his charge. Halfway to the goblin, a shattering sound echoed through the room, and Balasar disappeared in a cloud of dust. Keyleth took a shot at the goblin, and I moved in to assist my falling ally. At the bottom of a ten foot deep pit lay Balasar, covered in a swarm of starving rats. I lowered a rope to the paladin, as more goblins entered the combat. Mithrogg came to our aid, trying to help me hoist Balasar out of the hole. After several attempts, Keyleth also moved to help us, and we were finally able to pull our plated pal out of the pit. After a very long and difficult combat, we decided to head back to town to recover from our disastrous combat and maybe locate our missing friends. What we found would have chilled the nerves of the raven queen herself.

Garek's Log #2

It has been awhile since I’ve had the time to sit and write more on our adventure. A lot has happened in the past few days. We entered the Kobold lair after our disastrous battle at the cave entrance. A few inspiring words from our stalwart paladin gave us the resolve we so desperately needed to carry on. The team fought like true heroes that day, sending the kobolds to meet my queen. After pushing the initial swarm back deeper into their caves, we heard a loud rumbling. Balasar and myself were chasing down a runaway kobold when Iron Tooth made this appearance. With a snarl of rage Balasar charged the leader with his sword raised high. The blow was a solid one, yet the goblin was unphased by the attack. Its retaliation was devastating. Faster than Balasar could react, Iron Tooth took four mighty swings, knocking Balasar to the ground unconscious. I charged a group of the monsters that was led by a kobold sorceror. After connecting with a blow on the mystic, I sent a wave of healing energy, that called Balasar back to this realm to rise up to his fate. Mithrogg took a flanking position behind Iron tooth and unleashed an attack that cut deeply into the beast, causing it to fly into a rage. Keyleth, Nid, and Hujo sent a volley of spells and arrows into him, as Balasar brought his sword to bear and layed the beast low. I cut off the remaining Kobolds route to our ranged attackers, and finished off the sorceror. With his dying breath, Iron tooth made a prayer to Orcus and some person named Kalarel. We also found a note from Kalarel, finally revealing our true target, and knowledge that he was just days away from opening a rift to the Shadowfell and unleashing a horde of undead upon the world.

We returned to town to find it under martial law. No longer were people running about the streets during the day, and a pall of gloom hung in the air. We gave the good news to the Lord and learned of the ruined keep near the town. With the confirmation that we were indeed facing a cult of Orcus, we figured the keep had to be their location

It speaks.

Today I came across our new friend’s statement that I am quiet. Quite understandable because although I am enjoying the adventure along with my scaled, shorn, distant, and lightly built friends, I am new to this sort of life. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly appreciate the chance I have to fight against the evil that is surrounding us, but sometimes I must think things out before I run my mouth.

There is tension within the group, and though I know I cannot repair it myself, I would very much like to sit down and discuss these issues at a more appropriate time. Stars above, I would even be willing to purchase many flagons of ale or whatever preferred beverage or victuals that the group would enjoy and find comfort in. Some might say I may care too much for them, but the aid and support they have offered me will not go unpunished… ah, I speak like my father… I fight not only to rid this plane of the evil that we have endured, but also out of concern for the safety and well-being of my newfound friends.


The Splug Diary

Todays Splug become free! Todays I eats! I meets others todays! They free Splug! Do I trusts them? Or theys just using Splug? Seems they care not if Splug dies, for I’ves fallen many times… I needs more strength, more food! They not think I can write. Stupids!!! I’ll show them how smarts I am!

Todays I killed those stupids! Those stupids that lock me up for years! Todays I hold a mace and beats them down! All I have train for!

And nows does I trusts these others? Will they helps Splug when I am in need? One of them does NOT! It is the SHE! THE ELF! Won’t let Splug carry shinys! FOOL!

The lizard though. Me thinks I can trusts him… The dwarf, if he knews what I does to his kind before… before they all dies… NEVER TRUSTS DWARVES!!! Then the other elf, he seems quiet, too quiets! Splug got a feelings he don’ts like me…

I finds treasure todays! Lots o shinys! Theys toss Splug across waters and tries to kill me. I don’ts sleep tonight. I watch these others…

Our First day travelling
Garek's Log

Our first day traveling…was…eventful. I am beginning to suspect that the kobolds may have spies inside of Winterhaven working for them. After only a few hours on the road, the first ambush hit us. Balasar and myself were in the forefront, discussing possible locations of the Orcus Cults when a sizzling green globe shot out from the bushes and slammed into my chest. I could hear the acid sizzling away at my skin, as the pain wracked my entire body. Our rangers were the first to react. Keyleth, spotting the kobold magic user, shot and wounded the beast, drawing its ire away from me. Morgrith stepped forward and attacked the advancing kobolds. Balasar and myself were quickly surrounded by the scaled midgets, while Keyleth, Nid, and Hujo fought the wyrmpriest from a distance. This entire battle was one mistake after another. Summoning forth the power of my Queen, I attempted to smite one of the kobolds and send my healing energy into Balasar. This, of course, missed completely and drained me of my power. Keyleth attempted many impressive looking shots at the wyrmpriest, the majority of which missed. Balasar stood toe to toe with the group of kobolds, the only one in the party managing to be somewhat successful. After a long and drawn out fight, the trio fighting the caster managed to kill the beast, but only after he let out his own battle cry, invigorating his minions. With its last breath, the kobold managed to unleash an acidic wave, melting one of its own in the process. Shortly after Keyleth succumbed to her wounds and fell unconscious, followed quickly by the paladin. The rest of us finished off the minions, and revived our companions. There were a few complaints about a lack of divine healing, but the Queen’s demand for kobold souls was too high, and I couldn’t resist bringing my hammer to bear upon their heads.

While searching the remains of our attackers we found a talisman of Orcus upon the corpse of the Wyrmpriest. I looked at Balasar, talisman in hand, and gave him a determined nod. We were on the right trail.

After recovering from that ambush, we continued on our way to the kobold lair. When we arrived outside the cave behind the waterfall, we took caution and checked for enemies about. Our rangers detected nothing ahead so we continued on…of course…we didn’t know that our rangers were apparently not paying attention. Out from the trees the kobolds charged at us. Thinking quickly Balasar sent his fiery breath into the copse of trees to the east, sending several kobolds to their death. Keyleth, who was far to the west of our group, saw another kobold sneaking in from that direction. She fought as a woman posessed, taking down kobold after kobold with her bow. I honestly don’t think she missed the entire fight. Nid and Hujo went west to assist Keyleth, but that was largely unneeded. Nid ended up being hit with a sticky substance that bound her in place, while the other kobolds advanced. Luckily Keyleth quickly dropped these foes. Balasar and myself made it through the copse of tree to the other side to engage a kobold commander. Since it was standing within a circle of power, the commanders prowess was increased, allowing him to hold off against our onslaught. Morgrith moved into the trees allowing the smaller kobolds to surround him. He then unleashed a furious assault, in which his blades seemed to dance around him and lash at his foes. Unfortunately he only hit one of the surrounded kobolds, but the attack at least looked impressive. Once again I attempted to put the rejuvenating power of my queen into my attack…and once again…I missed. Keyleth finally had to step in during our fight with the commander, as she took him down while we had him surrounded. Nid…in an attempt to assist us…shot me…in the back…which led me to fall unconscious.

My guess is that they finished off the last kobold, since he was dead when I woke up. The slinger that had fought against us made it inside the cave to warn the others of our arrival. So now here we are, waiting outside a cave that contains an unknown amount of kobolds all aware of our location. In a few minutes we will make our way into the lair. One way or another, the upcoming battle will be epic. May the Raven Queen bless us, and accept the souls at we send her on this day.

Day 1(Technically 2)
Garek's Log

After arriving in Winterhaven, I met up with a group of individuals with the same goal in mind (basically). Keyleth and Balasar had arrived together, and had just recently been abandoned by their third member. Balasar seems to on a mission very similar to mine, locating and evidence of a cult of Orcus and destroying the cult if it is found. Being a paladin of Pelor…and a dragonborn…has left him a bit lacking in the diplomacy category. He seems more interested in using his intimidating presence rather than his words. Something any normal dwarf would admire…then again a normal dwarf wouldn’t worship my Queen. Keyleth is a very quiet elven ranger. At first I thought she may have just been timid, but now I think she may be hiding something. Either way her past is her past, I have no need to know anything about it for the time being.

The other three we met while in the tavern looking for more information about the cults. Nid and Hujo are two finger wagglers, but I think Nid has a darker connection for her magic. The other is yet another elven ranger, but this one seems to favor his swords over a bow. I think his name is Morgrith, he didn’t really offer his name when we first decided to work together on this case, quite an odd chummer.

The first night with this group, and we’ve already put the town into an uproar. While trying to gather information from the locals, the lord of Winterhaven made his way into the tavern. At first he was reluctant to talk of the Kobold issue that has been plaguing the town, so we decided to press the issue…that’s when things went crazy.

Going against his nature, Balasar attempted to reason with the Lord to get him to discuss the issue now…which resulted in Balasar inadvertently dumping his beer all over him. Luckily, I swept in right after with a new beer in hand and a fast apology for my companion’s clumsiness. Things were starting to turn around with the Lord, so Nid stepped in…and lied. Not just a small lie…Nid told him that she saw Kobolds inside the city walls just moments ago. Hearing this news the Lord became concerned, apparently wanting to know when and where she saw the kobolds. Trying to get out of this as quickly as possible, Hujo sent a ghost sound right outside the tavern…a kobold ghost sound. Suddenly the Lord’s concern turned into terror for his people. We agreed to help his guards escort people back to their houses and then returned to the tavern where he told us where he thought the kobold lair was.

So now we have the information we need, albeit gathered in a rather unorthodox fashion. I just hope our excursion out into the wilds tomorrow follows a more expected path. May the Raven Queen bless us, and take the foes we send to her.


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